The Young Movers have created their own communication platform, by launching the Young Movers European Conference back in 1991. The Conference developed to become a yearly event being held every time in one of the beautiful cities of Europe. Each year the young movers of one of the European countries take over the responsibility to organize the next Young Movers Conference.

In 2019, the Universe aligned for what will be a second Romanian edition, so Bucharest is getting ready to welcome the Young Movers around Europe, at the 27th edition of the Young Movers Conference. 


The moving industry is for sure one of the most dynamic and it has evolved so fast during the last years, having a great impact on various businesses around the world. It is a growing trend for young people to take over the control and responsibility at an earlier age, so our goal is to support this evolving community to develop professionally to reach a higher level.

YMC 27th edition

Yearly Event that takes place every time in one of the beautiful cities of Europe.

Super Heroes of 2019

The 27th edition revolves around the idea of “Moving Heroes”, the slogan that we chose to emphasis the role of every participant of Young Movers Conference.

Special Thanks

Every year, we count on the traditional support of FEDEMAC (The Federation of European Movers Associations), to whom we would like to give a special thanks.

World Wide recognition

For the past few years, young movers from all over the world started joining the conference and besides the traditional support from FEDEMAC, the event got the support of the International Association of Movers – IAM – world’s biggest organization.

The 2019 Young Movers Conference will last for 3 days including seminars, meetings, presentation, informative speeches, innovations, discussions, professional training activities and a lot of fun – welcome party, outdoor activities and clubbing. Every year YMC ends with Gala Dinner, which usually is held in very special place.

Young Movers Conference is very important for moving industries development. It gives an opportunity to meet new people – emerging colleagues, spread network all over the world and improve movers day-to-day responsibilities. Young Movers Conference always informs participants about most important changes in the industry, European Union point of view and worldwide position.

Young Movers Conference not only is very educational in professional meaning but also gives an opportunity to explore new cities, countries culture and people. It’s amazing to know and work with very different people.

Why Join Us?

Our community of European professional young movers is one of the most dynamic and fast growing. Join us for a custom experience, quality network and great connection with an industry with high impact on a wide range of businesses around the world. 

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